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Zombie Girl: Back from the Dead

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Zombie Girl: Back from the Dead

Since the release of the debut album, Back from the Dead, Zombie Girl has seen trial and triumph, now leading up to a widely anticipated new album. She catches up with us about her style, her studies, her inspirations, and of course what’s next in the darkly delicious world of ZG.

There's a lot more going on in the music than perhaps the title alone suggests. What was initially the inspiration behind Zombie Girl?

Renee: I've always been into horror genre books, novels and movies. This influenced the choosing of the name I guess. And who doesn't like zombies? While it may or may not have been an ideal choice at the time, it's what I am known as now so unless I choose a side project (laughs) I guess the name will remain Zombie Girl. Though it does get limiting singing about the living dead. So, I have some surprises coming out on the new album which I am really quite excited about. The new album is being produced by VoA VoXyd (from Ad Inferna). New beginnings, new experiences!

What are the things currently that creatively provoke you?

Renee: Well besides working on my new album, I am also in school (nursing) so dissecting bodies and designs with synovial membranes and Dura matter consumes much of my time. I just grab a piece of striated tissue and have fun for hours. In other words, studying. When this is over, maybe I'll work with a mad scientist in a bio lab or… a coroner perhaps. Travel and adventure also adds to my creativity, though I must limit that a bit due to my studies. However my instructor is really great (Debbie) and I am able to study while on the go. Also my wonderful classmates help out too (Sherry, Wanda, Martina, Shauna, Katherine, Judith, Dipka, I love you guys). Dreams also provoke me creatively. I always dream in color and it's all very vivid. I have been having a lot of lucid dreams lately and when I do, I make a point of carefully observing textures and tactile sensations, the intricate details. It's amazing at the details that go into a dream and I take note of it all.

You've recently done a gig at Bar Sinister that I heard great reviews about. What are your hopes and plans with regard to future gigs?

Renee: Bar Sinister was so much fun! I haven't read any of the reviews, though I really enjoyed performing there and Trisha LaBelle is first class all the way. The venue itself is beautiful — I was really impressed. As for future gigs, I finish this first part of my nursing in March, so really looking at doing a small tour-maybe a long one after that. Because my ex-husband/ex-producer contacted concert promoters and told them (falsely) that I was not legally entitled to perform as Zombie Girl or perform my music, I lost a lot of work. So I have some catching up to do. I want it known: The copyright to all Zombie Girl tracks belongs to my label Alfa-Matrix not to my ex-husband. I have full legal right to perform and as my label stated: to do what I want with the tracks/music. So I shall. I don't think anyone should continue to be mean and spiteful after years of being apart and if they are, they need a psychiatrist to help them move on. Maybe his friends can assist him in this too. So I am ready to do shows! Like now. I won't disappoint. New beginnings that free the heart and soul are so refreshing.

What do you see on the horizon for alternative culture?

Renee: I picture it like a modernized version of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, with properly applied CGI starring Nicolas Cage.

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