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A chat with Adam Bravin of She Wants Revenge

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A chat with Adam Bravin of She Wants Revenge

Since blasting into the scene with their darkly infectious 2006 debut, She Wants Revenge have anchored themselves something of a cult status and a large worldwide following to back it. Gothic Beauty caught up with DJ Adam Bravin to discuss the band, side-projects and his other artistic endeavors.

It looks like you guys have been busy since the release of your last album (Valleyheart), touring with Peter Murphy and all that – what have you guys been working on in the interim before your tour starts?

Adam: We are working on some individual projects for the time being; Justin’s in the studio working on some solo stuff. I believe he’s been working on some remixes … Before this band started we both made so many different types of music with so many different people, and we basically only did this band since it started. We haven’t really done too much other stuff with the exception of maybe like a remix here or there, so we decided that it was time that we took a little break from making She Wants Revenge music, and take a little time focusing on the individual stuff we’re doing.  I’m working on a solo record that I’ve been working on for a couple of years.  It’s nice to finally have a little bit of time to really, really focus on it.

How would you say that both of your collective experiences with other kinds of music have informed the music that you make with She Wants Revenge?

Adam: Kind of a difficult question to answer … I think that everybody is the sum of all their experiences, and I think that all musicians especially are a sum of all the music that they have experienced, for this band and this music in particular, I think that our experience and the things we’ve done in the past helped us do certain things … Justin was a rapper; he started out as an MC.  I started producing hip-hop, and I think both of those things lend themselves to what we do in a huge way.  Basically, if you take a lot of the music that we’ve made, especially the early stuff – it’s all hip-hop.  People tend to kind of miss that, or skip over that, but … for example, “Tear You Apart”: if you break down how he’s delivering the lyrics, he’s delivering the lyrics like an MC would.  And if you slow all those beats down, they’re all hip-hop beats.  So I think it’s very important - especially for the first album - that there’s a lot of hip-hop influence in that record, even though it is a dark record and some people classify it as goth or darkwave or whatever box they want to put it in … There’s way more hip-hop and funk and soul and, y’know, I grew up listening to Prince.  So there’s a lot of that stuff in there, you just really have to kind of read between the lines to appreciate some of those elements of the music.  But to answer your question, I think that a lot of the stuff we grew up listening to, all the experiences we had in the studio making all the different types of music that we made helped us create music that people could dance to, because fundamentally we’ve always produced music for people to dance to.  This is just a different version of it.

Can you tell us anything more about the sound of your upcoming side-projects, or are those still pretty under wraps?

Adam: I can’t really speak for Justin, but I can tell you that my solo record is featuring a lot of my favorite female vocalists on it.  I’m doing all the music and then I’m having all my favorite girls – or at least a portion of them – sing on it.  So some of them are very well-known, some of them are just kind of friends who I think are amazing.  I’ve been working on this record for a long time and it’s gone through a number of different, I guess, “vibes."  I think I’ve finally found the sound that I wanted, so I’m very excited to finally, hopefully, get that out by the end of this year.

On your website it also looks as though you might have a bunch of B-sides and rarities to release – is that idea still on the table?

Adam: We sell a B-side, rarity, and remix CD on tour only, but we’ve got so much stuff that we talk about it all the time … I’m always telling Justin we have enough to put out the first album that could’ve been; we have so much music from that time, music from as we were figuring out who we were, stuff that didn’t make the record – we have enough to basically put out a double record.  So I’m always telling Justin we should really revisit all that stuff and figure out a cool way to release it.  At some point we’re talking about releasing an acoustic record – we went into the studio one day and we wanted to record "Red Flags" or something from our first record, an acoustic version of it.  We sat down and we recorded it, and we just kept going for a couple hours.  We recorded pretty much every song that we could record with him on acoustic guitar and me on acoustic bass.  So that’s a possibility, and yeah, at some point a B-side, remix, and rarities record is definitely going to happen.  We’re just kind of taking our time to sort through it all to figure out what we want to put out.

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