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Monster Parties and Games: Fifteen Film-Based Activities

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Monster Parties and Games: Fifteen Film-Based Activities

Have you ever sat around with a group of friends on a gloomy Saturday night after watching a horror film only to wonder, "Now what?"

All of the games and parties are inspired by different types of horror films. There are three sections dividing the films that inspire each game: Classic Horror and Science Fiction Thrillers, Dark Comedies, and Modern Horror. All games within the pages ensure a memorable and fun time.

The book starts with a chart telling you what supplies and materials you might need for a particular game you wish to play. The materials needed range from the simplistic (playing cards) to the more elaborate (fake blood and fake body parts). There are games you can play without too much planning required and other games that require a bit of preparation. The book's most elaborate games use props, decorations, and costumes to place the player inside their favorite movies.

In the Classic Horror section, you will find games inspired by old favorites like The Wolf Man, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and House on Haunted Hill. Most of these require playing cards, journal entries, or a playing board. Within the pages of the book are specialized drawings to photocopy for use in the game as pieces. The game based on House on Haunted Hill, which the author calls "The Nightly Haunt" is particularly impressive as it is a night-long event involving role-playing and props scattered around different rooms in a house. Outsmarting your fellow players and deciding if the house is haunted are skills that are required to win the game. The scenes created by the props and decorations only makes it feel more authentic while being played.

In the section for Dark Comedies, the game "Ghostbusters: On the Case" requires the use of paranormal study sheets and recommends the players study up about a week before the game is played. Players will assume the role of actual Ghostbusters and perform tasks, such as assessing a case. Games like "Mr. Grave's Gathering" based on the film Clue require players to study character biographies ahead of time and have a similar atmosphere of suspicion to the game for House on Haunted Hill.

The section for Modern Horror features "Freddy's Dream House," which is of course based on Nightmare on Elm Street. This game involves multiple floors of a house with different scenes and varied tracks of the soundtrack setting the mood of each floor. For purposes of authenticity, there are things like victim items, spooky décor and gory props. This is a timed game which requires various actions to be performed to survive Freddy and win the game.

These are just a few examples of the fun to be had from the creative ideas in this book. The possibilities are truly endless, as each game includes a section called "Make This Game Your Own." This feature allows players of any game to add their own personal touch for the first time it is played, or ensure that every subsequent time the game is played a different experience unfolds. So why simply watch your favorite sci-fi or horror film? Live through it, if you can. (Author Chris Kullstroem, Paperback 218 pages, Published by McFarland & Company)

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