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Alice in Wonderland

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Their friendship is incredibly touching and the way they become bound to one another to find their strengths is incredibly endearing. The Mad Hatter is not a one sided portrayal in this tale. He is a hero that provides capricious comic relief and tugs at your heart strings with his loss of reality. Depp has done a brilliant job of this character and made him the most lovable, believably mad Mad Hatter I have ever seen. I tip my hat to him. This is an Oscar worthy performance that you don't want to miss.

Other notable mentions go to Helena Bonham Carter who is the Red Queen for playing a character who's confused on what is better, to be feared or to be loved. A character that can be easily hated that you can still have sympathy for is a hard role to play. She seems to be very hurt that her parents always gave their attention to her younger sister. She lashes out because she always felt unloved and it becomes painfully clear that her only way to get back at them is to take it out on everyone around her for having what is considered a normal sized head instead of her larger one. This has led to her obsession with beheadings as she hopes it will be her sister's soon or possibly the symbolism of getting rid of her own that has caused her such emotional turmoil. Either way, she plays her part incredibly well as an arrogant, royal pain in the kingdom.

The White Queen played by Anne Hathaway whose portrayal of almost every Disney character princess you have ever seen is amusing but possibly a little too stereotyped as it's hard to take her completely seriously. I know they are all suppose to be a bit over the top but I think she should have been a bit more grounding like the Elvin Queen, Lady Galadriel (Cate Blanchett from Lord of the Rings) rather than a queen who refused to become strong like Alice and has been waiting for someone else to come and fight her own battles. Even a slight change of her hand gestures and mannerisms would have made her a character more captivating and commendable.

The voice of the Blue Caterpillar by Alan Rickman was the perfect choice. His deep, baritone voice commanded your attention to his sage advice. Ever since I saw him play Col. Christopher Brandon in Sense and Sensibility he has been one of my favourite character actors as he always steals the scene with his distinct voice and undeniable charm. After years of seeing him play Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies it is very fitting to see him as a captivating Disney character.

The Cheshire Cat was another one of my favourite characters as the animation is so well done that it brings the character to life and makes him delightful to watch. In the original tales he seems menacing and a tad bit scary but in this tale he is beguiling and adorable. You don't quite know what he's up to and if you should trust him but you can't help but like him anyway. Just like a real cat, he does what he wants and still captures your heart.

Tim Burton and Disney are a dynamic duo and the combination of both their unique visions creates a stunning pictorial piece of art you don't want to miss. Hopefully they will keep up the partnership to bring us some more magic that we can add to our lives as we can never have enough of it. Maybe with Alice off on more adventures and the movie undoubtedly on its way to winning many awards we will see some more movies in the future with Tim Burton and Disney working together again.

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