Gabrielle Faust

The Purr-fect Perfection of Kitty Korvette

From Coffin Case ad campaigns, to the silver screen, to stages across Texas, the iconic and unforgettable Kitty Korvette has carved a bloody name for herself as one of the most intriguing entertainment personalities in the modern horror industry. ... Full story

Within Temptation’s Sharon Den Adel

With over three million CD and DVD sales, thirty Gold and Platinum Awards and a bevy of international music awards, Within Temptation has awed fans around the globe. ... Full story

Robert Rodriguez SXSW Frank Frazetta Collection

If you’re anywhere near Austin, Texas this week you no doubt know that the expansive SXSW Film, Interactive and Music festivals have completely overtaken the city. ... Full story

A Few Words From Alex Crescioni of Diminished 7

Out of the dark heart of Los Angeles, a new band entitled Diminished 7 has risen rapidly in popularity within the gothic metal scene over the past couple of years. ... Full story

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