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Swimsuit Summer Love: Heavy Red's Swim Noir Collection

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The Perpetual Distraction bathing suit from Heavy Red's Swim Noir collection. The Perpetual Distraction bathing suit from Heavy Red's Swim Noir collection.

There’s something about the sizzling sun that jolts sexy into the outdoors—loose clothes, halter flip-flops, low cut, high cut tan lines and, of course, the tantalizing swimsuit; bikini or not.

Tyler Ondine Whitman of Heavy Red recognizes this, and it shows in the steamy, vintage curvature and wild-child edge of her most recent Swim Noir collection. With an online catalogue offering promises of stitched, summer love, there’s a suit (or two) for many types of women: rebel chicks, showgirl savants, edgy executives and voodoo vixens.

The Chic, Rock and Roll Radical

With a “Rebel Yell,” you own the summer. Bikinis are in and it. Not ashamed to flaunt your flirt, you walk like Madonna and smile like Dita. There’s no such thing as trouble to you, only adventure.

Thin and energetic—your larger than life personality needs an assertive match, a suit that commands attention: a leader. Wearing ripped clothes and a mischievous glare, you leave the house, ready or not, wrapped in black and red striped fabric. Your perfect match is a “Steam Menagerie,” “Vengeance,” embodied, a “Forsaken Deviant” and “Perpetual Distraction.” It’s a swimsuit with a loud voice and exhibitionist air.

Heavy Red Swim Noir

Left to right: Steam Menagerie, Forsaken Deviants, and Insidious Temptation

The Steam Menagerie, lined with tinted Lycra and peeling layers, has a classic cut and textured, rust/rouge fabric, making it smooth on the inside and aggressive on the out. With a slight princess seam (sparkles included), this suit has a multi-faceted, eccentric personality: upholding a touch of the Victorian, yet inching towards a regal, apocalyptic warrior. Tanned, but nearly flesh toned, the Menagerie is the combative suitor of  “Vengeance”-- similar in style, but demonstrating a whole different set of attributes.

Vengeance is dominant and strong: in your face. Street smart and graffiti-gritty, the two-piece is magnetically attractive, and very territorial. Despite its peeling look, black on the inside and gray on the out, it’s finely stitched and neat, showing its colorful character through you.

The Pin-Up Virtuoso

If your curvature, however, has the thrill of a burlesque bombshell—curvy, thin and asymmetric—and you have an eye for modern art, your best match is the “Forsaken Deviant.” With a red-wine colored inside topped with vintage, black shred, this little number is devilish and stunning, suitable for a showgirl. Taking ownership of classic beauty, the Deviant is a love affair for the glam girl looking to embellish her own look, and a worthy rival of “Perpetual Distraction.”

Crisscrossed, black and white, “Distraction” is a dramatic two-piece with art deco charm. Its cotton insides make it sweet and soft; its intersecting, black lines jolt with electric excitement. Abstract and intelligent, this bikini will embolden you. It’s summer amore stitched with purpose; and that purpose is strength through art.

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