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The Little Black Dress: Past and Present

The little black dress has made its way into just about every woman’s wardrobe over the last century. It’s a safety net of some sort, a “must have” that goes hand in hand with elegance and class. ... Full story

The sexier side of Alice

Continuing the trend for all things Alice in Wonderland related that started with the build-up to the release of the Tim Burton movie a few years back, LA-based Heavy Red have released a line full of Alice-themed items that may bridge the gap between things you can wear for Halloween and things you can wear on any occasion. ... Full story

Kiss the Stars: Lelash Designs Proves that Dreams can Come True

The future of fashion is anyone's guess. But for some forward thinking designers, the future is theirs to speculate. ... Full story

Swimsuit Summer Love: Heavy Red's Swim Noir Collection

There’s something about the sizzling sun that jolts sexy into the outdoors—loose clothes, halter flip-flops, low cut, high cut tan lines and, of course, the tantalizing swimsuit; bikini or not. ... Full story

Kristin Costa: The Tuvan Tuner of Fashion

When you put on a Kristin Costa original, you put on a story. Creating a line of clothing threaded with psychological concepts and accented with character, Costa’s designs leave a permanent, dramatic impression on all who see them. ... Full story

The Masks of Vincent Cantillon

Vincent Cantillon blends art nouveau with tribal aesthetics to create one-of-a-kind gothic adornments. Each one contains worlds of possibilities. ... Full story

Steampunk Couture

The Steampunk subculture has seen a huge growth in popularity and mainstream appeal. However, it would be an injustice to write off Kato's Steampunk Couture as a brand created by a designer jumping on a current trend. ... Full story

Sharon Toxic and Toxic Vision Clothing

Sharon Toxic consistently creates retro delights weekly that seek to re-invoke the days of Twisted Sister and Queen. ... Full story

Such A Tease: Folter Clothing

Ever since she could remember, Agnes Yeygan, the Head Designer at Folter Clothing, has been striking down the walls of conventional fashion on a slow mission to rid the world of your grandmother's underwear. ... Full story

Alexander McQueen: A Retrospective

Alexander McQueen combined his mastery at tailoring, meticulous workmanship of the French haute couture and his powerful imagination to produce incredible apparel. ... Full story

New People Grand Opening

The New People store opening was designed to showcase big names, interests and all other things that make Japanese pop culture so exciting. ... Full story

Slipshod Sally Purses

Down the hall and far past the rabbit hole, there is a room full of discarded clocks, bits of vintage fabric, boxes of unnamed oddities and books shoved full of torn pictures and scraps of notes. ... Full story

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