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Pre-order Issue 38

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Photo by Destroy Inc., Model NecroWolfie, MUA Anna DeMeo Photo by Destroy Inc., Model NecroWolfie, MUA Anna DeMeo

Features in this issue include Lip Service, Clockwork Butterfly, Helene Hawthorne, Royal Black,

American Picker's Danielle Colby, Artist Megan Petasky, GB's Holiday Gift Guide, The Victorian Trading Company, College Courses for Darker Interests, Lost Apostle, Eureka Springs Travel, Gaudy Garmet Make-over DIY and more!



Music interviews with The 69 Eyes, Kamelot and Black Light Burns.

Plus music, book and product reviews.

Subscriptions are available here. Single issues available here.

Featured writer

Gail Brasie

Gail Brasie

Gail lives near Chicago and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature and a Master’s in Library and Information Science. Gail loves books, birds and Gothic Americana music.

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