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Photo: silent-view.com. Model: Mela von Winter. Photo: silent-view.com. Model: Mela von Winter.

Features in this issue include Black Mirror Design, Mad Fashion-Art, Dracula Clothing,

Hilary's Vanity, Rustic Goth, Girls Who Rock Makeup Tutorial, Keeping Bats, DIY Steampunk Jewelry, Dolls By Angajamentul de Sange, Going To School For Gothic Design, Helsinki Travel and more!




Music interviews with HIM, KMFDM and Cradle of Filth.

Plus music, book and product reviews.

Subscriptions are available here. Single issues available here.

Featured writer

Jessika Hulse

Jessika has long prized music for its ability to express, enrapture, and entertain. Her childhood fascination with the grim and fanciful has manifested in a host of interests and hobbies - nearly all of which are accompanied by a soundtrack. She is an avid collector of antiques, curiosities, and of course, all things musical.

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