Emilie Autumn, "Fight Like A Girl" World Tour: Boston Show Review

Having seen Emilie Autumn and her Bloody Crumpets twice before, and having traveled to Boston specifically to see her FLAG tour, I had high hopes for the show. ... Full story

Pre-order Issue 39

Features in this issue include Prince Noir, Retroscope, GRAMM Fashions, Autumn Keitponglert, ... Full story

The Pros and Cons of Owning a Hearse

The fascination with death and the macabre is never-ending. Some people fear death and others embrace it. They say that you can’t take your mortal belongings to the grave when you die but these people will be taken to the grave with theirs. ... Full story

Jill Tracy: Silver Smoke, Star of Night

San Francisco chanteuse and multi-dimensional artist Jill Tracy is no stranger to the mystical qualities of life, new and old. This Yuletide season she has not only conjured up a collection of moody and inspired Christmas carols, but has also teamed with the ever-talented Nocturne Alchemy to release a line of amazing scents perfectly matched to the season. ... Full story

Issue 38 now available

Issue 38 is now available in stores. Grab it at Barnes & Noble, Hastings, F.Y.E., Suncoast, Chapters (Canada), Book World, Sheltam Books and Copperfield's Books. ... Full story

The Little Black Dress: Past and Present

The little black dress has made its way into just about every woman’s wardrobe over the last century. It’s a safety net of some sort, a “must have” that goes hand in hand with elegance and class. ... Full story

Tattoo Tips: What to know before the ink

The general public is bombarded with tattoo iconography. Whether or not to get a tattoo is a serious life-altering decision. Here are some things to think about before you get the ink. ... Full story

Pre-order Issue 38

Features in this issue include Lip Service, Clockwork Butterfly, Helene Hawthorne, Royal Black, ... Full story

The sexier side of Alice

Continuing the trend for all things Alice in Wonderland related that started with the build-up to the release of the Tim Burton movie a few years back, LA-based Heavy Red have released a line full of Alice-themed items that may bridge the gap between things you can wear for Halloween and things you can wear on any occasion. ... Full story

A chat with Adam Bravin of She Wants Revenge

Since blasting into the scene with their darkly infectious 2006 debut, She Wants Revenge have anchored themselves something of a cult status and a large worldwide following to back it. Gothic Beauty caught up with DJ Adam Bravin to discuss the band, side-projects and his other artistic endeavors. ... Full story

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