Pre-order Issue 35

Features in this issue include Renee Masoomian, Heavy Red, PurPur Fashions, Apocalyptic Fashion editorial, ... Full story

"My Summer as a Goth" Benefit Party at the Hollywood Theatre

On the night of October 28th, 50 people from the Portland/Salem and Seattle areas convened on the (possibly haunted) Hollywood Theatre, located at NE 41st and Sandy Blvd in Portland, Oregon to celebrate and show their continued support of the film “My Summer as a Goth”. ... Full story

Maila Nurmi as Vampira: A Gothic Scream Queen

The thrilling scream queen that initially seduced the throbbing hearts of television viewers was the spine-tingling, magnificent Vampira. ... Full story

Zombie Girl: Back from the Dead

Since the release of the debut album, Back from the Dead, Zombie Girl has seen trial and triumph, now leading up to a widely anticipated new album. She catches up with us about her style, her studies, her inspirations, and of course what’s next in the darkly delicious world of ZG. ... Full story

Issue 34 now available

Issue 34 is now available in stores. Grab it at Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Chapters (Canada), Walden Books, Book World, Sheltam Books and Copperfield's Books. ... Full story

Brian Gardner and Goth Swing Dancing in San Francisco

I once thought that it was impossible to get goths to actually dance with, rather than next to, their current romantic interest. But the San Francisco-based Swing Goth proved me wrong. ... Full story

Gloom: The Game of Inauspicious Accidents and Grave Consequences

Goth-themed card games are a genuine rarity. I was delighted to have Gloom brought to my attention by my brother, who is very 'ungoth' but knows a good game when he sees one. ... Full story

New People Grand Opening

The New People store opening was designed to showcase big names, interests and all other things that make Japanese pop culture so exciting. ... Full story

Slipshod Sally Purses

Down the hall and far past the rabbit hole, there is a room full of discarded clocks, bits of vintage fabric, boxes of unnamed oddities and books shoved full of torn pictures and scraps of notes. ... Full story

Vampire Wine

In plenty of vampire lore the description of a vampire tasting blood is similar to a mortal drinking wine. There is a fine bouquet that you find alluring — that first enchanting sip that rolls over your tongue whetting your appetite and the sensual experience of discovering the fusion of fruits, spices and exotic flavors. ... Full story

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