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Gothic Dreamscapes by Patrick Flanagan

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Gothic Dreamscapes by Patrick Flanagan

And thought-provoking this collection is. With foggy lighting, setting suns, and an entirely black-and-white color scheme, Flanagan’s work conjures up feelings of loss, unease, and mournful longing, but at the same time, his work also offers up a sense of hope. While much of his photography focuses on cemetery settings, the power in many of his photos comes by way of the sunlight seeping through tree branches, shadowy, mourning figures set in front of clear blue skies, and a clear and crisp full moon shining brightly in the darkness. Flanagan’s use of contrasts in his photos at times delivers messages as clear as the accompanying words. When looking back at his work, Flanagan says that his favorite photograph is one titled, Crying Angel, “because from everyone angle it looks completely different—from beautiful to scary.”

Since much of Flanagan’s work is laced with melancholy and sadness, it makes sense that he cites feelings of depression as one of his long-time influences. “[Depression} was my fuel,” he says. But with time and life-changes, Patrick has since found inspiration through new means. “Now it’s the beauty I see in everyday life,” Flanagan explains, “for example a flower, or a gravestone, or the darkened sky.” Despite the number of challenges in his life, Flanagan persevered, and he wishes to inspire others in a positive way. “I hope people are inspired by my work and what I have overcome, and know that even though there is a lot of adversity in life, anyone can accomplish anything.”

Now that Flanagan has made his debut in the art world, he has big plans for the future. He intends to start a publishing company called The Dark Keep Publishing, which will focus on literature, music, and even manga. In addition to helping others attain their creative dreams, Flanagan has already started work on his second book Modern Gothique. The new book will offer more artwork, and seeing as he will have full creative control of the follow-up, “it will be even more me!” Patrick exclaims.


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