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DIY Christmas Gift: Gothic Kilt Pin

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This gothic kilt pin is a diy gift that anyone can make This gothic kilt pin is a diy gift that anyone can make

It is easy to accuse Christmas of becoming too commercial. In amongst all the expensive, flashy gifts the meaning of giving can sometimes get lost.

A simple way to get a little of that back is to make some of your gifts - they show that you've put in extra effort and thought, and can be made personal too. It's also a great way to save some money at what can be a costly time of year.

This gothic kilt pin is a diy gift that anyone can make and the pieces required can be bought from most haberdashers or craft stores. You could even up-cycle old jewelery (the kilt pin pictured features a broken Nightmare Before Christmas phone charm!)

You will need:

  • A kilt pin (with loops along the bottom)
  • Plain earring wires (with flat heads at one end)
  • Open ring loops
  • Needle and thread
  • Nose pliers
  • Charms, beads, bows etc

Items needed to make gothic kilt pin

Decide what kind of look you want to go for – gothic, rockabilly, steampunk – and pick your beads and charms accordingly, with one or two large feature charms. This kilt pin uses playing card charms, mini dice beads, black crystal beads and silver stars to set-off the larger skull and bat charms.

Where larger charms are to be hung, make loops in the bottom of the earring wires using the nose pliers before threading the smaller beads on. Use the open ring loops to attach the charms to the bottom of the wires and again to join the top of the wires to the rings on the kilt pin. The wires can be tied directly to the kilt pin but they move more freely with the extra loop rings. Then trim any extra length off the wires (most pliers have wire cutters too) so they don't prick you!

To finish the pin, and make it look a little more professional, cover the 'joins' of the charm strings. Sew a few stitches of thread into a small fabric bow and tie it in the center of the pin. If positioned correctly it should hide the loops and ends perfectly. Pop the finished accessory into a gift box and this personalised brooch is ready to gift (or keep for yourself!)

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