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Parent-Goth Relationships

Part of helping your parents understand you is a better understanding of them. ... Full story

How To Make Your Make-up Stay Put

Whether you are outside all day at a summer festival or inside all night at a hot club, you want to make sure that your make-up stays in place. ... Full story

The Pros and Cons of Owning a Hearse

The fascination with death and the macabre is never-ending. Some people fear death and others embrace it. They say that you can’t take your mortal belongings to the grave when you die but these people will be taken to the grave with theirs. ... Full story

Tattoo Tips: What to know before the ink

The general public is bombarded with tattoo iconography. Whether or not to get a tattoo is a serious life-altering decision. Here are some things to think about before you get the ink. ... Full story

Gothic Dreamscapes by Patrick Flanagan

The term “Goth” means many different things to different people, but one thing that most can agree on, is that at the heart of the subculture is an appreciation for the beauty in the darker aspects of life. ... Full story

Halloween in New Orleans and The Anne Rice Ball

Steep yourself in spookiness with a divine cast of decadent ghouls that come from around the world to celebrate darkness for All Hallows weekend. New Orleans has largely recovered from Hurricane Katrina and is host to some of the best Halloween spectacles and events anywhere. ... Full story

Brian Gardner and Goth Swing Dancing in San Francisco

I once thought that it was impossible to get goths to actually dance with, rather than next to, their current romantic interest. But the San Francisco-based Swing Goth proved me wrong. ... Full story

Gothic Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is a stressful affair, from finding the perfect balance between being true to our goth sensibilities while avoiding the complete alienation of my conservative family. ... Full story

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