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Rockaholic Livin' The Dream Shampoo and Conditioner

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Rockaholic Livin' The Dream Shampoo and Conditioner

TIGI’s new Rockaholic line offers a variety of styling products geared toward an alternative lifestyle.

I was very excited to try the new shampoo and conditioner. Once again TIGI did not disappoint… Livin’ The Dream shampoo and conditioner are highly addictive. Both have an intoxicating herbal smell that makes your time in the shower more refreshing. The shampoo and conditioner are both formulated to revive product-abused hair.  A particularly nice feature for the shampoo is that it's sulfate-free.

Sulfates are found in almost all shampoos and are used as cleansing agents. However for individuals with sensitive skin, sulfates can be an irritant. The issue with most sulfate-free shampoos is that they don't seem to get the hair clean enough. Somehow TIGI has concocted a magic formula that is both sulfate-fee and incredibly cleansing! Though not advertised as a color protector, the shampoo didn't seem to fade my hair color – an added bonus for those of us with multi colored locks. Stop by your local hair salon for Livin’ The Dream and other amazing products in the Rockaholic line.

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