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Lime Crime's Lip Noir

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Lime Crime's Lip Noir

Setting the stage for the dark days and overcast skies this season brings, Lime Crime recently released their Lip Noir line. This line includes three colors — Glamour101, Styletto, and Chinchilla.

The Lip Noir collection was a bit of step in a new direction for the brand, and differs from the primarily rainbow-bright and cotton-candy hues featured in previous collections.

Glamour101 is the most conventional color of the three — a deep red with berry undertones. This shade is unlike Lime Crime's other red, Retrofuturist, which has undertones that look almost bright orange. With Glamour101, think less of a fire engine red, and more of a classy blood-red. Retrofuturist was a shade of red better suited for daywear, while Glamour would perfectly complement a night out in elegant attire.

Styletto is a glossy and opaque jet-black. Don't expect it to be anything like those cheap black lipsticks you find in drugstores around Halloween-time — those dollar a pop black lipsticks tend to be dry and can often end up spotty and uneven in application. Fortunately, Styletto glides on easily and evenly, due to its creamy, moisture-rich formula.

Chinchilla is a truly unique color that lies somewhere between a murky gray and a light lilac, and is undeniably bold. The color is best suited for those with light skin tones, or very dark ones, as opposed to olive complexions. I have a light-brown complexion, and while the color was certainly eye-catching, it blended in a bit with my skin-color.

All three shades endured hours of wear — even after drinking and eating there was little to no need for reapplication. It was nice (and rather rare) to be able to apply a lipstick without being self-conscious and having to constantly check in a mirror to make sure the makeup hadn't faded or smudged. And while one or two times (out of more than a dozen times overall) I did experience feathering, it was minute, and can be prevented by applying lip liner before lipstick application. Overall, this is a lipstick line I can stand by.


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