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Sugarpill Eyelashes

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Sugarpill Eyelashes

Sugarpill knows how to bring the drama. With loose pigments and pressed shadows in every shimmering color of the rainbow, it was only a matter of time before they released a line of eyelashes to complete your look.

There are 21 different styles to choose from, ranging from subtle and sparkle-tipped to thick, lush cat eyes. If you’re no stranger to false lashes, Sugarpill eyelashes are applied just as you would any other pair—apply your eyelash glue, wait until it becomes tacky, then carefully place above the lash line. The process is straightforward and simple, but can take a bit of practice for first-timers. What sets these lashes apart from most others is their intensity. Sure, they’d make a great complement to any makeup look, but these lashes pack so much punch that they can just as easily stand alone without the application of shadow or liner.

Some of the lash styles are absolutely mammoth. If you’ve ever wanted to resemble a beautifully eery porcelain doll, the “Flutter” or “CatEye” lashes will deliver that effect. However, on the other side of the spectrum, you can add subtle accents with the “Firefly” individual lashes, or add just a touch of color with the rainbow-hued “Whisper” individual lashes.

The claim that these eyelashes are reusable is accurate. After each use, so long as you remove any excess glue remnants and place them back in their box, they’ll be ready to go again and again. So far I’ve used one particular pair at least three separate times.

Sugarpill lashes are a must-have for anyone who has fun with their makeup or treats makeup application as an art form. Perfect for pin-ups, vixens, cosplayers, or just anyone looking for an intense night-time transformation.


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