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Angelspit: Hideous and Perfect

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What is your favorite instrument or device to work with?
ZooG: Our modular synth – it is a huge upright synthesizer (about six feet tall, four feet wide). It's a pure analogue device so we have to connect all the parts together to make the sounds – they are rich and complex sounds! Increasingly, we are recording more 'real' instruments and putting them through it, like our voices and guitars. We love to experiment with sound.

How did you come up with the cover art?
Destroyx: For our previous albums we have often looked towards history for our visual concepts. This time we decided to do something fresh and completely new. We tried not to reference anything in particular from history. The concept for the shoot is loosely based around the idea of a T.V. studio gone crazy. We decided to play with a few strong visual elements, different kinds of lighting and, of course, the colour red. I worked with an extremely talented makeup artist Karen Hopwood to develop the makeup look. The outcome is something edgy and quite horrific, yet is also strangely alluring. The overall look is quite alien, a weird mix of fetish fashion and screwed up geisha makeup. The makeup is a mask which covers my recognizable facial features, thus contorting my identity. Most responses to the makeup have been very interesting. Many people have been confused and disturbed by it, which is definitely the intended outcome. I'm not trying to look glamorous as many people do for their promotional looks. I guess I'm still trying to get people to re-address their attitudes towards beauty, which is always an ongoing theme.

What is the idea behind having slightly different CD releases for Australia/Europe, Japan and the U.S.?
ZooG: We have no global record label that limits us to the same design for different territories. We had so many amazing photos from the shoot that could not fit them in one booklet - so we made three! We did different artwork for each region and label, Metropolis (USA), Darkest Labyrinth (Japan) and Black Pill Red Pill (Europe/Australia). We enjoy designing, so it was a fun challenge to make different versions.

What was your favorite part about making this new album?
Destroyx: The early conceptual stages are always the best – this lasts about one month and involves watching cult movies, going to galleries, researching abstract ideas and playing with sounds, working on basic tracks. I guess this is the 1% inspiration part. The other 11 months is the gruelling 99% perspiration part.

How do you feel about your upcoming tour in the U.S.?
ZooG: Extremely excited! Playing live is awesome, plus meeting people is really cool. It's great to encourage new bands and get feedback on our music. Live performance allows us to be enveloped in the music and visuals – and that is awesome.

Is there any particular place in the U.S. that you're excited about visiting?
ZooG: New York and L.A. – we have several friends there. We're also looking forward to the smaller areas – these places usually bring people from surrounding small towns... I have a soft spot for anyone from a small country town, I was bought up on one and I know how hard it is trying to find yourself when you’re surrounded by red-necks.

Many fans and reviewers say that you are one of the most innovative industrial bands in the world. Do you consider Angelspit innovative?
ZooG: We work hard to create art that is fresh and new - we pride ourselves on this. We try and be unaffected by what everyone else is doing. Our new album is a massive risk for us. Musically, there are only two tracks that are club friendly – everything else might be considered too fast, although it's great fun to dance too! Clubs are militantly focussed on 124-140 BPM. We write songs from 80-170 BPM... and you can dance to all of it.
Destroyx: Visually we have experimented with something completely different with this new album and I hope we will always be pushing ourselves to create new worlds and never repeat ourselves. At the moment I am inspired by avant garde high fashion, films and art. Although we think that current trends in alternative and industrial fashion are cool, we are always trying to do something new and push our own personal boundaries.

What can fans do to support Angelspit?
ZooG: Tell their friends, bomb forums and web sites, come to the shows and get inspired to make their own art! Experiment with music and visuals – push the boundaries!
Destroyx: Get involved online, visit our blogs (destroyx.com and angelspit.net/zoog), join our street team, tell your friends!    angelspit.net

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