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Karen Kay’s amazing journey has taken her from being a punk post-card girl of the 1980s London goth scene to being a real life faery godmother. A former member of punk girl-band the Gymslips, she has swapped her spikes...
England is ancient country; its mystical landscape whispers secrets which echo down through the millennia. No place is more enchanted than the town of Glastonbury in Somerset. It is the legendary King Arthur’s final resting place. Its beautiful Tor...
Not many artists can claim they turned pro at just five years old, but Jasmine Becket-Griffith is not just any artist. Her large-eyed, often fantasy themed paintings are instantly recognizable - regular readers will no doubt recognize her work...



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Punkrave: Gothic Fashion born from Punk Spirit

Founded a little over ten years ago, fashion label Punk Rave has become synonymous with intricate, yet eminently wearable, gothic designs. Their skin tight...
Jyrki 69 Eyes

The Helsinki Vampire Speaks: Jyrki 69 to release solo album

Grandiose, sonorous, rocking and macabre, Finland's The 69 Eyes owe no small part of their success to the glorious baritone vocals of front-man Jyrki...

Strictly on the Edge: Kate Musina and PurPur Fashions

Severe, sexy and intense - PurPur Fashions are a wild card in both Australian and Russian Alt fashion scenes. Featuring both ready to wear...

28th Annual Anne Rice Vampire Ball

What are your plans for Halloween weekend? Maybe you’ll binge watch horror movies on Netflix while eating handfuls of fun-sized candies. Or maybe you’ll...

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