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Karen Kay’s amazing journey has taken her from being a punk post-card girl of the 1980s London goth scene to being a real life faery godmother. A former member of punk girl-band the Gymslips, she has swapped her spikes...
England is ancient country; its mystical landscape whispers secrets which echo down through the millennia. No place is more enchanted than the town of Glastonbury in Somerset. It is the legendary King Arthur’s final resting place. Its beautiful Tor...
Not many artists can claim they turned pro at just five years old, but Jasmine Becket-Griffith is not just any artist. Her large-eyed, often fantasy themed paintings are instantly recognizable - regular readers will no doubt recognize her work...



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Gothic Fantasy Florals by Kay

Life In Sodom

Life In Sodom are a band you may not be familiar with, but they’re ready to be heard. After consistently releasing new music the...

Epica marks 10th anniversary with DVD/CD documenting epic “Retrospect”

With their “Retrospect” DVD out in the US, Epica commemorate a decade of sweeping classical-influenced gothic and epic metal. We checked in with vocalist...

An Interview With Author Christopher Rice

What was the inspiration for your latest novel The Vines? I was originally inspired by a vision I had of a ruined California mission covered...
askasu dress

Askasu – Delicate Gothic Fashion from Eastern Europe

Not too long ago, underground fashion meant wearing whatever you could find or create with your own two hands. Though that’s still the case...

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