Bring Magic to Your Life and Wardrobe with Crystal Cactus

Crystal Cactus
Crystal Cactus

Sometimes a necklace is just a necklace. Other times, when it includes sage cleansed clear quartz crystals, a necklace can be a powerful tool that draws off negativity and offers mental revitalization. Crystal Cactus, the brainchild of Myspace queen turned energy healer, Audrey Kitching, is an online shop specializing in jewelry, housewares, and bath items that hold a lot more significance than just looking pretty. From tarot cards and chakra balancing pendants to soy wax skull candles and crystal-infused toner, Crystal Cactus has goods not just for those with an interest in crystal work and spirituality, but also for those seeking out a truly unique gift.

As someone with a casual interest in crystals, I find a lot of  shops daunting, offering beautiful products but lacking information about how to properly use them (What do I do with a crystal ball? How do I cleanse this crystal?). Crystal Cactus is incredibly easy to navigate, however, offering detailed explanations about the benefits and uses for each product (Ohh, I get it now).

Some of the stand-out items include a beautiful set of skull-shaped rainbow crystals and the stark Black Moon Obsidian pendant that shields against negativity. In addition to a wide variety of crystals, the shop also has a solid selection of supplemental items, such as educational books, sage bundles, and crystal cleansing tools.

If you have no interest in the spiritual side of things, the Crystal Cactus jewelry selection is lovely in its own right and quite extensive. It features shimmering pendants, statement rings, and even bold crystal-adorned hairpins that would wonderfully accent most goth wardrobes. Additionally, some of the most notable items are the bath products and home decor. The Floral Alchemy Intentions Bath allows you to literally bathe in flowers and the Crystal Quartz Plant Stones will add rich color to any basic houseplant.

To find out more, go to and explore the entire collection of products to add harmony, balance, and a touch of magic to your home and wardrobe.

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