Killstar Clothing’s Dark Rebellion

Killstar Clothing
Photos courtesy and Tequila Star

In fact, I think even Wednesday Addams would have appreciated the cheeky self-awareness of the brand and its designs that seem to say I’m dark and I know it, deal with it. Killstar, a UK-based brand established in 2010, delivers dark pieces with major edge, sex appeal, and a tinge of humor that’s refreshing in the often all-too-serious world gothic fashion. Or as co-founder Tequila Star describes, “a web carefully spun from dreams, hard work, and the forever-long love of and fascination with the occult.”

A major reason for the brand’s inception was Tequila’s yearning for pieces she just couldn’t find. “I used to dream of wearing all kinds of cool clothes, but could never actually find any when I got some money.” She complained that prints were never bold enough and “dresses not witchy enough,” so Tequila sought out to make her own. And you could certainly never accuse Killstar of not being witchy enough. Dark arts and the occult were one of Tequila’s main interests growing up, and this influence can be seen in many of the brand’s designs–from pentagram crop tops to Ouija board tunics and occult symbol backpacks. Tequila goes on to explain, “I always found comfort in the night, in the full moon and in the knowing there are more witches out there–and as by a invisible bond we are all connected.”

Even before Killstar, Tequila had  experience in the dark fashion industry. “We started HELLFIRE, a dark alternative clothing store in the heart of the City Centre of Glasgow in 1999,” she explains. But it only takes a quick glance at Killstar’s catalog to see what sets it apart from many other dark fashion brands–an attitude of bold, unapologetic rebellion. Killstar is helping pave the way for a new wave in goth fashion that’s no longer hiding quietly in the shadows, but rather, shouting from the rooftops to make everyone jealous. With silhouettes that are sleek yet comfortable (goodbye restrictive corsets, hello airy summer goth styles) and prints featuring slogans such as “So Goth I’m Dead” and “I Put The Fun In Funeral,” Killstar makes goth fashion fresh and fun, and not to mention, in your face. That said, it comes as no surprise that some of Tequila’s other sources of inspiration include  “doing crazy things that makes you feel alive [and very dead after]” and “punks and rebels.”

Although Killstar  originally started with just T-shirts and sweaters, their selection continues to gradually increase. Notable pieces include a cute Wednesday Addams-esque crop top (Addams Crop Top), a sexy bodycon dress with a killer level of fringe (Huntress Fringe Dress), and the sexy Ouija Mini Skirt. Personally, Tequila says Killstar’s hooded pieces are her favorite. “I love all the things with very large hoods, as I love to hide away when I am at home or outside. It keeps me in my very own dark bubble,” she says. Killstar’s catalog also extends beyond clothing. From an extensive jewelry collection full of mystical symbols and quartz crystals to lifestyle products such as  candles and spirit boards, Killstar may just gradually turn into a way of life.

As for what lies ahead for the brand, there seem to be a lot of new projects on the horizon. “I seriously can’t sleep at night thinking about it all,” Tequila says. “We are introducing footwear very soon–a dream come true! <3 The rest, I will keep under wraps for now–but seriously, watch this space!” To shop Killstar and find out more about the brand, go to