:Wumpscut: – Let The Music Do The Talking


Originating in Germany, now residing in Los Angeles, Rudy is the man behind :Wumpscut:. Indeed he is the only member and creator. His desire to remain autonomous led him to set up a record label of his own – Beton Kopf Media – :Wumpscut: being the only artist on its books. His website contains only the bare essentials of information about the well-established electro-industrial outfit. The same applies to his few social media presences. Despite being a prolific producer of material, including remixes and limited editions, :Wumpscut: appear to do little self-promotion beyond tweeting links to buy material. :Wumpscut: have never performed live in the twenty or so years of existing. Having the opportunity to speak to the man behind this highly productive stalwart of the electronic industrial scene, to find out what makes him (and his music) tick was an opportunity not to be missed. The thing is, Rudy himself is not a big talker in interviews either…

You are a prolific artist releasing album after album, do you find it difficult to keep your material fresh?
Ha, no. If it was hard, I would release less.

Many of your releases are remixes, why do you like to rework songs?
I like to get back good versions of people that create new, unheard souds. Before, I only took one winner on the release, now it is up to four. And they all are much more thrilling than remixes by established acts.

Do you think your experiences as a DJ have a big influence when you are writing tracks?

Do you write from a DJ perspective or a musician’s perspective do you think?
I think the term DJ is one of the most overstretched – not just on this scene here.

Do you find it difficult to be satisfied with a track?
No. The easiest tracks to produce often are the most appealing ones.

You also release a lot of merchandise as well as limited edition albums. Do you want to give your fans more options when buying your music or is there another reason?
The fans demand to get something special, so they get it.

Do you enjoy collecting limited edition and rare releases yourself?
I don’t do that.

Do you enjoy working on other peoples’ material, producing remixes of other artists’ tracks etc?
Yes, at times. Usually I don’t listen to the original version at all/only at the sources.

You have said in the past that you don’t tour live because you find it difficult to perform up to your own standards, is that still true?
Yes. Hard to fulfill the standards that I got in my head. But dont ask me about playing live, I am not a big fan of it at all.

Do you think Wumpscut will ever perform live in any capacity?

Wumpscut use quite aggressive and often bleak imagery for album releases etc. Being a one-man project do you think visuals play an important role in Wumpscut?
As an eyecatcher, yes – quite sure. I remember when I was young, I often bought things/music by cover. And hardly got disappointed.

Many bands like to promote themselves and their music through social media and connect with their fans this way. Do you shy away from this kind of attention or do you just concentrate on making music rather than promotion?
No. I am on the limit of 5,000 friends of Facebook like everybody else. No way to run things without the internet.