A Few Words from Horror Rocker Wednesday 13

Wednesday 13
Photo by Jeremy Saffer

People may know him as the ex-Murderdolls frontman, or maybe seen is name appear alongside his other side projects such as the Frankenstine Drag Queens from Planet 13, Bourbon Crow or Gunfire 76 but with years of ghoulish success behind him, it’s no wonder Wednesday 13 is a name well known. With Halloween just days away, we couldn’t pass up the chance to pick Wednesday’s brain on his most recent tour experience, Halloween costumes; films and what future plans lie ahead for the band.

You’ve just finished a run of dates for your Blood, Guts and Gore Tour, what can you tell us about the experience?
It’s been great so far, it’s our 3rd US tour this year. We changed the set up this time around and I feel we have a strong set. We’ll wrap it up soon and are then off the UK for our Halloween Weekend.

Were you good friends with all the bands that joined you on that tour?
I didn’t know them prior to the tour, but have all become friends; cool diverse package.

You’re performing 2 separate shows on this weekend’s ‘Weekend Of Horrors Halloween Special’ over here in London, UK alongside Evil Scarecrow; will this be the first time you’ve played a show with these guys?
Yes, it’ll be the first time. I’ve heard good things. It’s going to be a great weekend.

You chose London specifically for these 2 dates, what can you say about the crowds here and how do they compare to those in the US?
London and all of the UK has been so loyal to me and has been the first place that I feel accepted what I do. We had a great show back on 2012 at KOKO and we wanted to do it again but a little different with 2 nights.

On actual Halloween, you’ll be playing Transylvania 90210 to celebrate its 10th anniversary, are there plans in place for any Halloween themed props or pyros for these shows?
We have a few tricks up our sleeves! It’s going to be so much fun reliving that album live and on Halloween.

Talking of Transylvania 90210, I can only assume that you got the inspiration for the title from Bran Castle in Transylvania which is obviously linked to Dracula. Is this correct and have you personally visited the castle?
No not at all. The title is a parody of the American TV show Beverly Hills 90210. I thought it was a funny parody.

You’re latest record “Monsters of the Universe: Come Out and Plague” was released earlier this year, what were the reasons behind changing things up for this one and making it a concept record instead of carrying on with the same horror themed tradition?
Yeah it was a great change of pace for me, I got to sing about some different things, but I still consider it horror. Some of the things I’m talking about on this album are much scarier than any horror movie – “Everybody Keep Watching the Skies…Everything you know is a Lie”.

Many of the songs you’ve written in the past are horror themed or based on horror films; would you say you have a favourite horror movie?
Yes, my favorite is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre; it’s always been my favorite, and a close 2nd is Part 2.

Can you remember what age you were when you first became a fan of horror and Halloween and was there a particular Halloween costume you would always dress up in/as for Halloween as a child?
Programmes like The Munsters and The Addams Family were on TV regularly for me as a kid, so that was my first take of monsters, so I was a fan as early as I can remember. I didn’t really dress up as any Halloween things other than GI Joe or Rambo.

Did/do you have a favorite horror villain?
Leather Face and close 2nd is Beetlejuice.

Are you currently working on new material for another Wednesday 13 record and will your future records be based on concepts or do you plan to re-visit your horror themed roots?
I’m gonna start working on the new album at the start of the year; I have a really cool idea for the next album and yes, it will be horror themed.

Have you ever considered working on doing tracks for film soundtracks?
Yes I would love to. I’m just waiting for someone to ask me haha.

As a teen, who would you say was your idol and who influences you most now?
As a kid and still to this day, it has to be Alice Cooper. These days I’m also really into the band Killing Joke and their frontman Jaz Coleman.

You’re booked up with show dates until November, what will the rest of the year and early start of 2016 see you doing?
After this tour I will be doing some dates with my side project Bourbon Crow. We just released a new album, our 3rd called Off The Wagon, On The Rocks. We will continue with more shows in start of 2016, while I also work on the new Wednesday 13 album for a release later in 2016.

Are you planning on making any New Year’s resolutions – Murder Dolls, Bourbon Crow or Frankenstein Drag Queens reunion maybe?
I don’t really do, or believe in the New Year’s resolutions. Bourbon Crow is in full gear and will be from now on but unfortunately no reunions or plans for the others.