Issue 48 now available

Gothic Beauty Issue 48

We’re excited to announce the release of Issue 48!  Here are a few features in this issue you won’t want to miss…

Queen of Darkness
Queen of Darkness are one of the few labels out there designing a large range for men as well, with their menswear getting the same attention to detail as their ranges for women.

Goths Around the World, UK Edition
Born out of musical experimentation in 1980s Britain, goth continues to thrive today, both in the UK and abroad. We interviewed four British goths to see how their community has changed over time.

Artist William Basso
For all his detailed and deliberate construction, Basso still seeks to unlock his imagination, letting intuition guide him artistically as well.

Eyeshadow Tips for Difficult Eye Shapes
Knowing how to work with a difficult eye shape can often end up a bit challenging. When it comes to applying eye shadow a one style fits all approach is not ideal…

Midnight Syndicate
To many, they are gothic music pioneers, to others they are the answer to the signature orchestral style music you hear on horror films or at horror themed attractions. For decades the duo known as Midnight Syndicate have crafted out complex masterpieces.

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