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Bridie Mayfield's Brutal Ballet

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bridie mayfield's brutal ballet troup

It is not uncommon to attend a rehearsal and see lots of eyeliner, corsets, tattoos, piercings and hefty, stomping boots. It has become a prerequisite to have an interest in the alternative and darker side of life. Bridie, who not only runs the company but makes all the costumes as well, is also a ghost hunter and would like to document ghost hunting all over the world as they go on tour. All the dancers that are currently with the company are self-proclaimed metalheads. They are dedicated to a life of metal and the alternative lifestyle.  The ballet company would like to develop other productions with different types of metal music. There is a lot of metal they want to dance to and musicians they want to work with. 

"Being that there are so many genres of metal it makes it easy to be diverse. For example the difference between a dance to a Maiden song and a Slipknot song would be massive, simply because the music is so different. And then Slipknot have songs that are so entirely different from each other, with a dance to "Tattered and Torn" being completely different to "Sulfur" and the same again with "Vermillion"."

The company is continuing to perform Dethballet while simultaneously working on new ventures. They have just started a project filming performances where they dance to local Brisbane metal bands beginning with Born From the Ashes. They would like to follow up with another series where they use other regional Australian heavy metal groups and then move to international ones. They have also just started to tour with the Dethballet to Melbourne and Sydney and are hoping to start a North American tour sometime next year.

"I'm torn between which of two bands to use for the next full length ballet, but seeing as Dethballet looks like having a fairly long shelf life, it may totally change between now and when we get to the next one. A lot of people joke about us dancing to Dethklok forever, just making a show with each album released!"

So next time you think of the ballet, think of gothic ballerinas swathed in black tutus and chains jumping through the air to the high pitched squeals of guitars landing in pirouettes while giving you deadly stares. If this is the douse of culture you have an appetite for then check and see if the Brutal Ballet will be boorishly tip-toeing into your area sometime in the near future.


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