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Zombie Girl: Back from the Dead

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What got you into the horror genre — has it been a life-long interest or a memorable calling? And, what do you find most appealing about it?

Renee: I don't know why, but I just love horror. Even my earliest dreams that I can recall are horror. Giant veggies marching up the hill carrying pitch forks and torches, like angry villagers, coming up to my house. I could see them in the dark from my bedroom window, the torches casting a flickering glow on the angry faces of carrots, tomatoes and celery. They were coming to get me because they were angry at me for eating their family members. I find horror so interesting in that it can bring our deepest fears to confront us, whether it is the fear of death or say huge scary angry veggies coming to get you. Fear is something you can taste, feel and smell... and if I smell your fear I suggest you change pants immediately because I don't want to stand next to you. Horror has many faces in reality, such as the faces of the dead and also in fiction, randomly choose any horror novel there is always a face or two in there. These are faces we really don't want to see, but it's like knowing that something is behind the curtain, you are compelled and even driven to quickly pull the curtain back and look. Horror is mystery, magic and all things esoterically intoxicating. It is under your bed, it is standing behind you, it's that hand that you know is going to reach out and grab your ankle if you put your foot on the floor when you are in bed. It's old, it's new and it's... coming to get you.

Your look is well-balanced between pin-up scream queen and living dead girl. Please tell us more about your aesthetic tastes and what influences them!

Renee: My style is kind of like retro Madonna from the 80's style but in black instead of white. It depends on my mood also as one time I actually wore all white but had blood (fake) running down my legs, etc. I just wanted the blood to stand out. I had it running down the inside of my thighs as if I had my period and didn't care. Usually though I'll be in black. It's all pieces of my wardrobe thrown together in different ways with crucifixes, a bit of bling. My make-up is dramatic eyes, full lashes and red lips. I might change this a bit soon, who knows. I am always looking for inspiration.

What natural or supernatural activities do you most enjoy when not working on music?

Renee: Supernatural activities... does watching the TV series Supernatural count? I really like that. Jared Padelecki is yumm... What! I mean a really talented actor who brings his role of Sam Winchester to life. I also enjoy doing my own paranormal investigating online. Reading the true accounts of personal paranormal experiences, which leaves me wide awake at night with my bedside light on, but I can't stop looking. True ghost stories, hauntings — it's all great fun in the daylight.

Are there more projects in the works for you currently? What can fans and newcomers expect to see of Zombie Girl in the near future?

Renee: Well, I have teamed up with VoA VoXyd. He will help co-write and produce an album of new material. There are some surprises on this album, including artwork done by me. It's all me, me, me!

Is there anything you'd like to share with our readers?

Renee: Yes there is. I would really like it if anyone who was a member of my original Facebook page to please join the new one at facebook.com/ZombieGirlOfficialMusicPage. The original page was hacked and deleted by my ex-producer and I lost almost 14,000 fans in one malicious click. He openly joked about what he had accomplished on his FB page. I would really like to take back what was mine. Secondly, I am available for bookings. You may contact me for Zombie Girl show enquiries at: starsign.online (at) gmail.com. I appreciate each and every one of my fans and I look forward to meeting you at future shows. You can hear Zombie Girl music in the following horror films: Night of the Demons, starring Edward Furlong and 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams, starring Lin Shaye and Bill Mosely. A joke: What does a vegan zombie say? Answer: Grainnnnnsssssssss. This is Zombie Girl signing off now with love to you and you and especially YOU!

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