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A chat with Adam Bravin of She Wants Revenge

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It looks as though music isn’t the only art you’ve been involved in; could you tell us more about your photography?

Adam: Sure!  I’ve always taken pictures, and as I kind of evolve as an artist and as a musician, I find that any way I can express myself artistically helps me out in general.  I took some photos one day of a friend of mine - this girl who was on the cover of our album, coincidentally – and I realized in that day that there’s a way to take pictures and express yourself rather than just being a guy with a camera taking pictures of a monument, or in a touristy kind of way.  I was so excited at finding a new way to express myself other than music, other than writing, that I just kind of jumped into it.  I have so many friends that are models – and a few of them aren’t – and I asked all of them at one point or another if we could do some photos, and all of them stepped up and obviously I like taking pictures of pretty girls (laughs) … I kind of figured out a way to create my own style doing it, and it’s fun doing kind of quote-unquote “dark” shoots with lots of eyeliner and setting up the room, making it something really unique.  A few people saw it, and I’ve been hired to do some jobs and I’ve done some stuff for some of my friends’ companies, t-shirt lines … It’s like everything else I’ve ever done in life; I just decide to do something and it’s kind of a secret, and then somehow the secret gets out and there’s someone out there that appreciates it and things happen from there.

There’s such a “mood” to the photographs, like there are no objects or bodies so much as there is this …  moment, a feeling, almost like the music. So I’m curious as to whether you see the two as completely separate creative entities for yourself, or whether they interplay with each other…

Adam: I think that one of the reasons I tend to be able to capture those moments that you’re talking about is because the women that I’m photographing completely trust me and I trust them, and what we’re doing is 100% honest.  It’s always a beautiful thing — and I think it’s the same with the music – Justin and I go in the studio and we make music for ourselves, and we’re 100% honest about what we do when we’re in the studio, and we have no intentions other than impressing each other, really … We’re never thinking of anything outside of that room; we’re not thinking about radio, we’re not thinking about making music for the fans, which, you know … We appreciate and love everyone who loves what we do, but that’s not why we do it.  We go in there and we express ourselves; he writes the lyrics and expresses himself through the lyrics, I do a lot of the music and express myself that way.  So in those ways I think the two correlate very closely because we’re just capturing moments, really, in the studio, and we trust each other when we’re in there.  The result of what happens in there … There are lots of people who like what we do, and I feel it’s the same way I take pictures: I go in a room with a girl, we trust each other, we’re honest about what we’re doing, I’m expressing myself artistically, and I’m not thinking about anything else other than capturing that moment in time and making something beautiful.  It’s the same in the studio.

Do you have plans of touring beyond these upcoming European dates, or are you going to want to get back to your other musical projects?

Adam: We haven’t been to Europe for a while – the last time we were there I believe we were touring with Placebo – and we had started building a core audience in Europe at that time.  We were slated to go back on a major European tour of our own, and unfortunately our record label at the time, Interscope, thought that the money that they were going to give us as tour support was better spent on a Gwen Stefani video … So they basically pulled our tour support, and it’s very expensive to get over there and tour when you’re doing it on the level that we were going to do it.  So, unfortunately, because they pulled the money we couldn’t tour … So I think it’s going to be a matter of getting over there, playing these shows, reminding everybody A: that we exist, and B: how fun and exciting our live shows are.  The way that that happens is people start talking about it, people hear about it.  And when people hear how fun the show was and et cetera, et cetera, other promoters start chiming in and you get invited back.  Once you start getting invited back, you can expand on the tour and go other places that you haven’t been yet.  That’s what we’re kind of counting on, is going over there and doing this quick little tour, setting up kind of where we were when we left off last time we were there … Hopefully we’re invited back and we can do a bigger tour and visit all the places that we don’t get to go this time.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers?

Adam: Hmmm … I don’t know when we’re going to make another record, but I know this much: when we do actually find the time to go into the studio to make another She Wants Revenge record, I’ve made it very clear to Justin – and I think he’s on the same page – that I’m only going to go in and make another record if it can be as dark as, if not darker than, our first record.  Because the thing I’m attracted to with this band in particular is the darker side of it.  That’s why I got in this band to begin with, is that I could express myself in a way that I couldn’t before.  I was making really pretty, kind of Bjorky, kind of electronic music, which had a little sadness and darkness to it, but it was mostly happy, pretty and… When we started this band I realized that I had a lot of stuff that I needed to get out in another way, and that’s why I love this band.  I feel like as much as I’m proud of and love everything we’ve done since then,  I wanna kind of get back to the roots of the band and I believe, although I can’t speak for Justin, that he does too.  So when we do finally go back into the studio to make another record, it’s going to be some really dark shit.


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