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A Few Words From Alex Crescioni of Diminished 7

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Your last album Hollow Haven was a fully acoustic set of songs. What was the motivation behind a return to acoustic music?

One of my favorite albums of all time is Opeth’s Damnation. I love how they could go from having such heavy/brutal records, then stripping their sound down to soft acoustic songs. Another inspiration was Ville Valo’s “Baudelaire in Braille.” He recorded every song off of Screamworks as an acoustic version, and I was completely blown away with how vulnerable he allowed himself to be. Perfect imperfections make us human and feel real, and that was my motivation for a full acoustic album. Also it’s sexy as hell.

You recently worked with producer Tim Palmer at ’62 Studios in Austin, Texas. How did you meet Palmer and what was the experience like working with him?

I had messaged Tim years ago on Myspace asking for engineering/mixing advice. He responded to a few of my emails but I’m not sure if he remembers. I decided to email him in 2012 through his official website to see if he would be interested in working with me on a track. I figured, why the hell not, I’ve got nothing to lose. The worst thing he could say is no, and rejection wasn’t something foreign to me at the time. He responded asking for samples of my music so I sent him a few tracks. Shortly after he agreed to work with me and I sent him the first rough mix of “Velvet Caress” in early 2013. He was very kind and open minded to my ideas. I’m very pleased with his mix. It has been our most popular song yet!

Speaking of Austin, Texas, you will be headlining the Austin Vampire Ball in October. How did you become involved in this event and what can attendees expect?

It all started with Alex Savage (a.k.a. Lady A of Lady A’s Vampire Social Club). She contacted me through Facebook a while back and asked if DIM7 would be interested in performing at one of the Vampire Balls. We started talking more and more and became friends. This eventually led to plans of the Austin Vampire Ball. For all who are planning to attend, you can expect the best show from DIM7 yet! Since this is our first headlining show out of state, we are definitely planning to go all out for this one. We will also be playing our longest set to date.

What are you currently working on and where can people expect to see your work next?

I’m currently working on pre-production tracks for the third album. The goal is to have it released before the end of the year. Expect a hard-hitting rock/metal album with dark atmospheres and soundscapes, expanded vocal melodies, pounding drums, ethereal synths, and driving 7 string guitar riffs! As always, we will release the album on all digital stores including iTunes & Amazon, and hard copies will be for sale from our official website. www.diminished-7.com.

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