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The Purr-fect Perfection of Kitty Korvette

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Kitty Korvette

This Kitty finds time to play outside of her hectic work schedule, however, and often indulges her passion for the paranormal whenever the opportunity arises. As with, it seems, all of her connections to the darker sides of life, her enthusiasm for “ghost hunting” also stems from early childhood experiences.

“My grandma’s house was clearly haunted. I am not sure if she realized it or just didn’t ever mention it, but my brothers and I began noticing stuff that wasn’t right. She lived on a 1700-acre ranch in a large two-story house that had six bedrooms, three bathrooms, a creepy basement, and even a fruit cellar (like in the horror flicks). When we were kids, she worked for the county, housing and caring for several mentally-ill people. I don’t know the full history of the house, but I do know it was built back in the 30’s and there have been deaths there.”

When Korvette is not hunting ghosts or brewing up a devious new batch of Purr-fumes, you can often find her playing bass with her band Midwest Monster, a self-proclaimed “Hillbilly Cock-Rock” ensemble with gothic overtones thanks to Kitty’s unmistakable stage presence. The evolution of Midwest Monster’s career has been, at times, a tumultuous one. However, today they are stronger than ever, according to Korvette, and are excited about what the future may hold.

“We are influenced by several different styles of music from The Cramps to Devo to Ronnie Dawson to Dick Curless. Midwest Monster began in 2006, and it was great, though there is almost always drama in any band. You are in a relationship with every single person in the band plus their spouse, so hopefully you can figure out a way to keep the peace. Sadly, after three years of playing, we suddenly reached a moment where we knew we were done. About two and half years later, I contacted the boys and asked if they would be down for a ‘one-off’ reunion show. Everyone agreed, and we opened for The Independents when they came through town. It was surreal to be playing with Midwest Monster again that night. It was a great show and the response we got was amazing!”

As for the future of Midwest Monster, Korvette replied, “We are planning to record soon and do some videos. We have a much more laid-back approach to this band these days, however, which is less stressful for all of us. We all have so much going on in our own lives, so we work with each others’ schedules and find the little pockets of time when we can all get together to rehearse.”

2013 was an exciting year for Kitty Korvette who added an appearance in the upcoming film release Sin City 2 to her roster of cinematic features including Marking Time, Strangetown and Mojo Tango. While still under contract and not at liberty to speak about SC2 at this time, she still has a bevy of interesting tales to share and, as with so many of her experiences, it all leads back to the paranormal.

“I was doing a part for a TV show pilot for the TNT network,” Korvette remembered. “The filming location was here in Austin at an assisted-living facility that was built in the early 1900’s. I knew from the moment I arrived that there was something not right with the building that I was in—it felt haunted. A buddy of mine who was also on the set that day was curious when I told him what I thought. So we started snooping around and asking the staff questions when we weren’t on set. They had many stories for us about the different buildings there on the property. We ended up walking over to the old hospital (which is now boarded up and creepy to boot!) and as we walked around it, we found the old morgue, which sits below the ground.”

Kitty Korvette embraces life to the fullest and refuses to ever live with regrets. To the question of her personal philosophy about life and art she responded that she never wants to “get old one day and say, ‘I wonder what would have happened if I had only tried to…(fill in the blank).’”

“Go for your heart’s desires, but also be wise about who you are collaborating with,” she added. “I have learned that there is always someone trying to cash in on your talents and many who will try to ride your coattails when you have worked so hard to make your mark. Avoid the phonies, but be good to those who sincerely love, encourage, and support you. On that same note, life is too short to stay in bad relationships (romantic or friendly) with jealous people who bring you down. Cut them loose. There is a quote that I have read that I whole-heartedly believe in: ‘Don’t let someone who gave up on their dreams talk you out of yours.’ Words to live by.” Korvette is reluctant to reveal her master plans for the year to come saying, “I wish I could tell you the current projects I am working toward, but I am keeping everything under wraps for now so as to not jinx anything. My apologies, but I keep my projects pretty private until I feel it is time to let everyone know my next big move.”

Whatever her master plan may entail, it will no doubt be a thrilling one to watch unfold. While she may be driving her fans mad by keeping the future excitement a secret she reminds people to always “Come by and say, BOO!” if you see her at one of the many horror conventions she graces.

For more information on Kitty Korvette visit www.kittykorvette.net or catch her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kittykorvette.

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