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Such A Tease: Folter Clothing

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However, fashion is a game of chances, and when Gothic Beauty inquired about her favorite design, she stated that personal favorites in the past often didn't sell, but last Spring was a definite exception. "The strapless dresses were a huge success which we offered in three different prints: The Police Line print was more edgy. The Forever Yours tattoo design was more fun and could be worn for casual events or dressed up for formal events. The Black Rose piece was dark and elegant which could be worn for prom or would make a great bridesmaid dress."

It's difficult not to love the range that Folter offers, and with a distinctly non-traditional approach to lingerie, and an equally racy streetwear line, Folter Clothing isn't leaving the party anytime soon. "The goal is to branch out and grow into other areas. We would love to be able to offer not only a lower price point range, but to also be able to stock more sizes. We currently stock S-XL, and I would really like to be able to offer plus sizes." In the long term Agnes is looking into possible overseas expansion for Folter. "The company is growing and has been doing great. I would like to see us grow more in the international markets in the upcoming years. We are currently working on establishing relationships with international distributors so we can really expand our market."   folterclothing.com

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