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Swimsuit Summer Love: Heavy Red's Swim Noir Collection

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Heavy Red Swim Noir

Left to right: Deadly Summer Bikini, Mercy, and Show Stopper

The Wicked Wonder Woman

Disciplined and determined, you’ve always been drawn to a professional look and demeanor—even when relaxing near the poolside. Simplicity and tradition are qualities you value. You’re a woman with a roar, and need a minimalist suit. Heavy Red has a few matches for your type, and they all close opponents.

“Mercy’s” gray and black stripes will catch your eye—and those of all around you. Made with cotton hachi sweater material, this sporty cut will flaunt off your yoga mat muscles, giving you a cool, girl-next-door demeanor. “Striation Flirtation” is made up of the same stuff. With a natural, light and hassle free persona, this style can easily become your new weekend addiction. Its kin option, “Striation Deviation,” is a good pick as well, though colored, concisely, in black and white.

If you seductive sirens are interested in a more conservative relationship, you might also have a taste for a more eclectic outerwear. When the sun starts to set on those pool party days, you’ll keep your weekend going, relaxing despite the time. The cover-up dress can be a longer-term partner in crime, having more substance than the other matches. “Mesh” is linear and transparent, sleek and powerful; “Striped Day Dress” is California cool, cute and teasing. “Lace” is sensual and romantic, complicated, and handsome. There are just so many choices, all ready to worship your demanding, though seductive self!

The Free-Fallen Inamorata

Lighthearted, imaginative and spiritual, you’re a woman who makes everything around her beautiful. Patience is a regular part of your daily life, though impulse too takes its play. With fine-tuned, empathetic instincts and an intuitive eye, your ideal match is mysterious and organically graceful. The spellbinding, old-world features of “Deadly Summer”’ will smite you, and  ”Baby Doll’s” free-spirited, dark innocence will steal your heart away.  The luxurious though humble “Striation Teaser” will keep you interested and entertained, and you’ll discover love at first sight in the tight, timeless midnight silhouette of the tasteful “Show Stopper.”  Though wily and independent at heart, your divine and giving nature craves a good suit to better show everything you are. Whether wrapped in the austere and classical, or running amok in the whimsical and wild, there are several Heavy Red matches that compliment you.

Of course, if you’re a modern marvel and are all these women wrapped into one, then you might need a match for each mood. When it comes to fun under the summer sun, maybe that’s okay—but settling on one works as well. Whether gallivanting from beach to beach, or staying home, kicking up your feet in a backyard bungalow, there’s thrill to be had wrapped in a new love. And that love will suit you, Heavy Red style.


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