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Kiss the Stars: Lelash Designs Proves that Dreams can Come True

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LELASH BEEHIVE BUSTLE, Photographer / MAU: Mad Dame, Model: Ash Nicholson

Seeing Leah's potential, Mario began passing work to her from various clients. This helped Leah flush out her portfolio further with a wide range of interesting creations from a white, sheep skin leather wedding gown and various evening gowns to leather handbags and a range of clothing for Harley Davidson.

At the same time Leah was working for Mario, the Italian tailor encouraged her own developing style and prompted her to focus time on her own creations. That's when Leah started to develop Lelash.

Once Leah's year with Mario had come to an end, Lelash seemed to come to life. She started out on her own and began exploring the darker side of fashion again, experimenting with concepts and materials that mainstream fashion wouldn't necessarily approve of.  Looking to the future, she also engaged in a small business management course to prepare herself for the business aspects of a fashion company and she soon registered the company before launching into designing for local design markets in Paddington, Sydney.

But as with any company launch, finances can be a hurdle. It can cost a lot of money to fund a fashion company, especially in regards to niche and couture brands. It's something all designers have to face at some point, but rather than get discouraged and abandon the project Leah was determined to pay her own way through it. She took a job with an event company that eventually led to a full-time position as a Production Coordinator.

Even this role proved to be an opportunity for developing Leah's skills. She excelled in the creative role, focusing full-time on prop making and fabric creations while at the same time being exposed to the business side of things as she organized events and production schedules. It certainly wasn't the dark and sensual cyber goth styling she had come to love, but it was a place where she could put her talents to practical use to pay the bills and learn industries first hand.

After spending a few years working with the event production company, Leah returned to her real passion. She left the company to refocus her time on Lelash, a project that was never far from her mind.

Working with textiles and design is clearly a life long passion for Leah. Rather than closing herself off to focus solely on her dream company, Leah continues to work closely with and in the textiles and design industry in order to keep up-to-date on trends and innovations.  Leah understands that the key to a successful design company is not to simply create something, but that there's a business side to things that can't be ignored.

When Leah approaches her work, it's with a broader focus in mind beyond the fabric in her hands at any given moment. From inspiration to completion, Leah is drawing on every bit of her education and experience to create. Her work is deeply complex and imaginative, each piece possibly taking months from start to finish. Yet, even while she's drawing from a fantastical source of inspiration, she strives to make designs that her clients will still find accessible and comfortable even as they push the limits of today's designs.

The key to Leah's success so far must be her ability to work towards big dreams and high goals through realistic strides. Motivated by her own hunger for creative control, she developed herself personally and professionally before fully making her launch into Lelash.  She didn't see the education and work that was required as a hindrance or a stopping point, she pursued each opportunity as a chance to further her own skill set and didn't simply sprint towards the finish line. It's Leah's careful attention to development and concept that makes Lelash a company to watch out for in the coming years.


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