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Vampire Wine

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They also offer other pleasurable indulgences such as vodka and beer. Their clear and red vodka is made in England according to a secret recipe. It is exceptionally smooth and very easy to drink straight. The red vodka gives a blood-like appearance in the glass. It’s perfect for making a Bloody Mary. "I would rank the quality of our Vampyre Vodka's up there with the very best in the world," says Michael.

Witches' Brew is a potent Belgium beer with lots of hops. It is called a Triple and due to the nature of the way it's made, the beer actually improves in the bottle, which is the exact opposite to what happens to ordinary beer. They also offer a supernatural energy drink for instant rejuvenation called Vamp NRG and a red cola called DraCola. They plan on offering more selections with their wines and also releasing their own ruby red absinthe and their own water, Vamp H2O.

"I have been commanded by the Vampires I represent to someday open up a Vineyard for mortals. Negotiations are under way, and we hope to have it open for tourists within the next two years. We are looking to open up first a Vampire Vineyard for mortals to come visit; then a place for mortals to stay the night, and enjoy our vampire hospitality." — Michael Machat

The vampires want to seduce our senses so they offer many other delicacies as well such as mouth watering chocolate. It is delicious, fine Belgium Chocolate that is very high in cacao content. It is available in both dark and milk chocolate. Next time you enjoy a glass of luscious, full bodied wine try sipping it while nibbling on a piece of dark chocolate. It is a sinful pleasure I will do almost anything for. They also offer a rich, roasted, coffee line for those of you who need a boost after your late night adventures. They have 4 wicked blends to choose from; Brazil Ipanema Dulce, Caffe Volcan Espresso from Italy, a Nocturnal French Roast and a Decaf Rain Forest from tropical beans. They will revamp your world!

If you are an avid wine drinker, or don't know what to try first, then they have a wine club you can join which ships four times a year. They send out a selection of 6 bottles of wine: generally 3 vampire wines and 3 other wines from the Vampire Vineyard’s family of brands – Dracula, Chateau du Vampire and Trueblood. Each shipment includes special goodies such as Vampire corkscrews, chocolates, coffee or a book.

They also have some packages you can purchase that are quite intriguing like Vampire in an Antique Suitcase. This package includes 2 bottles of wine, 10 bars of Belgian chocolate and 1 package of coffee. It all comes in an exquisite, old-fashioned suitcase that you can carry it in to maintain your dapper style when walking around town. It is worth it for the elegant suitcase alone. Another special is called Eternal Pleasures. It comes with 2 bottles of wine, 10 chocolate bars and the first book in a vampire series called Eternal Vigilance. Other packages of wine also include vampire slayer fangs, red wine stain emergency kits, gourmet, black truffle popcorn, signature wine glasses and creepy creature glass markers. "Our Dracula Love package does well too. That includes a Dracula Syrah and a Dracula Zinfandel plus some of our milk and dark chocolate. Another popular package is our Seduction Special, which includes 2 bottles of our Chateau du Vampire wine and our Vampire Fine Belgium Chocolate," says Michael.

Their web store is a fantastic place to shop if you are a vampire enthusiast. They sell everything you could imagine that has to do with intoxicating vampires. They have their own clothing, wine accessories, wine glasses, books, movies, fangs, temporary tattoos, games and even skateboards. It also has vampire related news content that is updated at least once a day. Their best selling clothing item is their Vamp Icon Hat which is a two toned baseball cap adorned with their vampire logo. They also offer t-shirts, tank tops and hoodies. If you have run out of ideas of what movies or literature to buy then this is a good place to shop because they have a wide selection to choose from. "The books and movies are offered as a convenience for our customers so they can drink our wine and read a vampire book or watch a vampire movie. We also sell lots of wine accessories and wine glasses. Two of the most common requests we get are people asking us how they can go about meeting a vampire and people asking to be turned into a vampire."

They are obviously trying to tempt us by offering us the finer things in mortal life. So next time you are thirsty then turn to the tantalizing, mesmerizing vampires. They know how to quench it. I have compiled an educational wine list to teach you a little. The rest you have to learn from them. I will warn you though, they do bite!   vampirewine.com     vampire.com

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