Hoodoo Online: Talia Felix makes magick work for you

A hoodoo magic spell for success

Although she has written countless books on her craft, has a closet full of dried toads and wears a lot of black, Talia Felix is not your average witch. She does not deal in magic crystals or hang out with a coven (and she definitely cannot turn you into Vanessa Hudgens). What she does do is promise no gimmicks and her integrity as a practitioner of hoodoo is her only guarantee. Talia is a spellcaster for hire, who uses her knowledge and experience to help people with love, wealth, joy and curses, even death spells. For a modest fee and a consultation she can work her magic for you too.

“Not everyone believes in magic, and I don’t really consider it part of my duty to convince anyone that doesn’t already believe. There’s no convincing people like that, especially if they cling to a definition of Magic that even I don’t think is possible. There was once a man in a pub criticizing me for believing in magic, and he said something like ‘You really believe you can just cast a spell for a million dollars and that’s all it takes?’ And my answer was No, much to his surprise.”

Even after realising that she had the knowhow for spellcasting, and that there was a demand for it, Talia was still reluctant to put her powers to work for others. “Back around 2009 or 2010, I still bought into the hype that a lot of other spellcasters had – “Never fails, 110% guarantee” – so I thought I wasn’t very good as I didn’t get these kinds of results! But over time I began talking to folks who’d used the professional spellcasters, and heard what kind of results they had, and I began to realize that a lot of these people looking for spells had either ended up going to flat-out scammers who promised big results but never delivered anything; or else that even when they had found well-known legitimate casters, the workers had been using a lot of hyperbole and image control to sound like they were more awesome than they really were – that’s fair; that’s advertising – but it became apparent after a while that I was just as good as “the best spellcaster in the world” and so that was when I decided it was fair for me to make the switch to casting spells for others.”

The most common spell Talia is asked to perform is to bring back a lost lover, but she can also bring a potential lover closer. Talia has also had success with spells to move on from bad relationships, as well as to remove unnatural illness or curses.

Mystic objects: spellcasts can require a variety of tools including candles, incense, bottles, stones and imagery

Talia’s books and her blog ‘The Spellcaster’s Source’ are her outlet for her passion and years of research and study into magic. “There’s a lot of different types of magic – American hoodoo is my specialty, and while it has some overlap with West African magic, European magic and American Indian magic, and from the 20th century on a lot of Asian influence, it is kind of its own thing.” She utilizes oils, herbs, candles and incense as well as more unusual (and sometimes unsavory) ingredients in her spells. “I’ve got a closet full of dried toads and lightning struck wood and things like that. I’ve had to go out deliberately trying to find dog shit to bring back home for spells. I had to buy a lion skin from a taxidermy supply one time. I have to ask customers to send me dirty underwear and semen samples by mail. Nothing seems weird anymore after you do this.” As well as the prospect of dealing with stranger’s dirty laundry, Talia has also had to come to accept that not everyone will appreciate her skills. “Some people are convinced I’m a fake, or trying to scam them, because I don’t fit the illusion in their mind about what magic is. You have to be cozy with the idea of everyone hating you. It’s not like Harry Potter where you’re the most popular boy in school. You’re not in this work for the love you get. You’re in it because what you are doing is more important than you are.”

The most common spell Talia is asked to perform is to bring back a lost lover, but she can also bring a potential lover closer. Talia has also had success with spells to move on from bad relationships, as well as to remove unnatural illness or curses. A friend of hers had been suffering very bad health, diagnosed as diverticulitis, but her illness had become so extreme that she could no longer work, let alone have any kind of social life. Talia performed an ‘uncrossing ritual’, which would help remove any part of the illness caused by a curse. A month after the ritual her friend’s health began to improve, to the point that she could go back to work and enjoy everyday life two to three months later. While success stories like these are encouraging, Talia gives no guarantee that spells will work and she does not make promises she cannot keep. An important part of her process is the consultation, where she decides if the spell requested is worth performing, and if the clients expectations are realistic. She won’t take money for a spell she already knows has no chance of working – this could be because the circumstances make success unlikely. “People come to me with a lot of requests to bring back lost lovers, but I usually turn them down if it’s revealed that the breakup happened over a year ago.

Author and online spell caster Talia Felix

“That’s way too long and a spell is unlikely to help when they’ve been separated without contact (or only negative contact) for such a length of time.” On other occasions it is simply because the request is physically impossible! “One girl wanted a spell that would hack into her school’s computer, change her grades, then mind wipe everyone who knew her so that nobody would remember what her original grades had been. Another girl wanted a spell that would physically transform her to look and to sing exactly like Vanessa Hudgens. I obviously did not accept either request.”

Could there be something to this hoodoo magic? 200 years of history suggest that people have put their faith in it with many happy results.

Spellcastings start at $179 and include the ingredients required, daily email updates, photos of your spell as it is being performed, the reassurance that your spell is being performed by a professional practitioner of hoodoo and, like all modern business, Talia accepts paypal, making everything secure and above board. While you decide what you would like Talia to work her magic on, she offers this simple spell that can be performed at home. “To improve gambling luck, take some chamomile tea and steep it like you would any tea, but let it rest in the water till the water becomes cold. Then use this tea to wash your hands before you go gambling, and that is said to bring money luck.”

Enquire about a spellcasting at Hoodoo-online.com or browse Talia’s free spells on her blog spellcasters-source.blogspot.co.uk