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No tears for the creatures of the night!” intones Voltaire, towering over the crowd at New York’s Mercury Lounge in full Baphomet drag.  As MC of the first night of the Murder of Crows weekend, Voltaire caps off the...
As we got off the tube at Angel, it was clear we were in the right place. A guy with a bleached flat-top, studded leather jacket and creepers asked us the way to the Design Centre, his partner stood...
Really? A day dedicated to goths? Yep, it’s true. Along with Black Cat Day and Bat Appreciation Day, there’s another spooky date for the calendar. Organised in 2009 by two DJs on the British goth scene, Martin Oldgoth and...
Pictures from the 2016 Wave-Gotik-Treffen gothic music and arts festival in Leipzig, Germany.