Issue 46 now available

Gothic Beauty Issue 46

Issue 46 is now available in stores. Grab it at Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Chapters (Canada), Book World, Sheltam Books and Copperfield’s Books.

We’re excited to announce the world-wide release of Issue 46!  Here are a few features in this issue you won’t want to miss…

[h1]Ashley Rose Couture[/h1]On most occasions the gothic cliché of being depressed and lonely is exactly that, a cliché. It does not come with the package, along big boots and a Tim Burton box set. For one designer however, it was this cliché that provided the push for her to pick up needle and thread.

[h1]The Morbid Dollhouse[/h1]For Canadian-based artist Jade Perez her love for horror and Halloween has inspired a uniquely terrifying take on classic doll making through her company The Morbid Dollhouse. Perez’s creative vision is not for those easily prone to nightmares.

[h1]Goths Around the World[/h1]For part one of a new series on different types of goths around the world, we interviewed three black American goth readers about their experiences in the community.

[h1]Deathstars[/h1]Already well established all over the world, Sweden’s Deathstars are a much loved presence on the European gothic scene who’ve yet to get the chance to show American audiences what they’re all about.

Grab Issue 46 at Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Chapters (Canada), Book World, Sheltam Books and Copperfield’s Books- or grab Issue 46 from one of the independent retailers that stock our mag. Subscribe or order this issue from us directly.

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