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The Masks of Vincent Cantillon

September 1, 2014 GB

The human mind is hardwired to see faces in everything. We see eyes and noses where there are none: in bark, clouds, and fallen snow. Perhaps this is why Vincent Cantillon’s masks are so striking. […]

Geraldine Geoghan’s Valkyrie Corsets

August 31, 2014 GB

Corsetry has long been associated with toughness, tightness, and the tantalizing frill of femininity. An ancient garment, sexual, though conservative, the corset has been used for millennia. It was the clothing of select royalty throughout […]

An Interview with The Birthday Massacre

August 31, 2014 GB

Toronto-based synth-rockers The Birthday Massacre have been making waves in the scene worldwide with their highly energetic performances and unique blend of addictive songs.  Gothic Beauty caught up with Chibi on their fall North American […]

Skull Makeup Made Easy

August 26, 2014 GB

Although the common skull makeup was most likely popularized by the band, the Misfits, painting such a death mask on the living has existed for centuries, especially within the rich Mexican culture that frequently incorporates […]

Parent and Goth Relationships

August 23, 2014 GB

What are the most highly discussed topics in this scene of ours? Music, for sure. Fashion, of course. Upcoming events, absolutely. But there is one other subject that has certainly arisen at some point for […]

Jill Tracy: Silver Smoke, Star of Night

August 23, 2014 GB

San Francisco chanteuse and multi-dimensional artist Jill Tracy is no stranger to the mystical qualities of life, new and old. This Yuletide season she has not only conjured up a collection of moody and inspired […]

The Little Black Dress Past and Present

August 22, 2014 GB

It’s a safety net of some sort, a “must have” that goes hand in hand with elegance and class. Just like a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, it’s what a woman often reaches for […]

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