The Unearthly Sound of Bestial Mouths

March 6, 2017 Francesca Bihet 0

Bestial Mouths incorporates goth, industrial and minimal synth-pop. Their third studio album “Heartless” explores the themes of sanity, gender and emotion. The listener is taken on a journey of personal emotional exploration. Lynette Cerezo, formerly […]

Kickstart A New Release From Cindergarden

January 9, 2017 Lenore 0

Los Angeles solo artist Jaymie Valentine, better known as ‘Cindergarden’, has a vision. Ethereal and other-worldly, inspired by things others cannot see, Cindergarden is driven to creation. This creativity however, needs real-world funding to make […]

An Interview with The Birthday Massacre

August 31, 2014 GB 0

Toronto-based synth-rockers The Birthday Massacre have been making waves in the scene worldwide with their highly energetic performances and unique blend of addictive songs.  Gothic Beauty caught up with Chibi on their fall North American […]

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